Symphony for Orchestra and Two Pianos, Eidelman shares his thoughts on his new large-scale work


About The Work

"This Symphony for Orchestra and Two Pianos was composed for full Orchestra, it has three movements and two double piano cadenzas. 

The seeds for this work were inspired by a reflection on the tension between nature and man and the severity in which we can profoundly influence Earth’s balance. From this place, I ventured into a variety of images of movement and motion.

Though this three-movement work does not tell a specific story, as I began to form my initial thematic ideas, I imagined abstract scenes inspired by the movement of water. The concept of motion then extended to many forms and became a connecting link. I went on an array of different paths from large scale swirling oceans, unworldly fantasy characters to intimacy of serene water with its beauty and yearnings.

As I have always loved music that leaves me with a sense of hope and optimism, I too embraced this path for the ending of this work."

- Cliff Eidelman

Recording coming soon.

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