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Always subtle, always intelligent, Cliff’s writing flatters the audience, making you feel you’re watching something that operates on another realm entirely.
— Ken Kwapis, director, He's Just Not That Into You
There is not space (nor interest, I suspect) for a blow-by-blow description of the happy union which ensued. Suffice to say since our film was basically an opera, we asked for (and got) an operatic score. Eidelman is quite specific in his orchestrations and fond of strange, non-western instruments, ideal for the depcition of an alien culture, the heart of our film.
— Nicholas Meyer, writer/director, Star Trek VI:
As his latest score -for the wonderful He’s Just Not That Into You -triumphantly proves, Cliff Eidelman is one of the most versatile, resourceful and accomplished composers working in films today.
— Jim Svejda- Classical KUSC

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